Custom Tailored Royal Rajasthan / Madhya Pradesh - by Road

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have an immense wealth of culture, and while the tried - tourist routes have been saturated, there are many hidden jewels in the form of family run palaces, castles and havelis which yet have to be discovered. In the last 15 years of operation, we have zeroed in on some charming family run hotels and it is these places, we help you explore. Keeping in mind your time frame, interests and budget, we will design an exclusive package for you and your family. We tend to organize small groups to help explore the exquisite places to their fullest and keep a personal touch with each member of the group - ‘small and simple’.

Marwar - Mewar (Jodhpur - Udaipur) adventures

For those who would like a bit of adventure - horseback riding, trekking, rambling, birding, combined with luxurious accommodation and palace / fort experiences.

Desert experience

For those who would like to add a dash of desert experience - we can take you to Jaisalmer or Bikaner and offer you day camel rides or even camel cart safaris ranging from overnight to 10 days.

Taj - Temples - Tigers

Another great idea would be to do the Taj, Temples and Tiger. For this we can offer you Madhya Pradesh, Agra, Khajuraho -Bandhavgarh circuit. We offer you accommodation in little advertised yet well family run properties. Be they palaces, castles or havelis.
You can have the vehicle of your choice with courteous English speaking - yet not overly talkative drivers. Our International gateways are Mumbai or Delhi and hence, you would have to connect to Jaipur / Jodhpur / Udaipur / Agra / Khajuraho as your itinerary demands.

So, now that we have got you all excited, get going and pick your interests and destination and contact us. Looking forward to some good times together...